Tamarrion is all about split second decisions and smart use of abilities, which is why the game features a skillshot system. Inspired by MOBAs, all spells and abilities in Tamarrion are designed so that you can fail, which means that it is all up to YOU if you succeed!

  •   Unlock and equip spells and abilities
  •   Choose among spells from your five patron Gods
  •   Boost your own play style
  •   Explore new ways to use spells
  •   Combine with Items for maximum effect

God Powers

As the champion of the gods you have the power to summon them to aid you in battle. By using the spells and abilities they have granted you, you can unleash mighty special abilities that can save you when all seems impossible.

Receive the High Lord’s blessing to heal yourself, or unleash the wrath of Revenna to take down your opponent!

  •   Think twice before equipping spells
  •   Time your use of spells carefully
  •   Master your own rotations
  •   Unleash the power of the gods on your opponents!


Unlock new equipment by defeating hand-crafted dungeons with unique boss monsters that offer you a hardcore challenge.

Use and combine your spells with items that you have looted, to create your own version of a gods’ chosen paladin and customizing it to boost your own play style even further!

  •   Find YOUR perfect combinations of spells and items
  •   Weapons
  •   Rings
  •   Necklaces
  •   Tokens

The World

At the end of the great war, the last champions of the gods gave their lives to finally defeating the evil that was trying to invade the world. For centuries there has been order. But the ancient evil is now awakening and its influence spreading fast across the lands. It is time for the gods to call a new champion to battle what ordinary warriors could not stand against.

Frostfyr Games

Camilla Von Paykull Producer & Lead Artist contact@tamarriongame.com
Oskar Lidh Frykmark Lead Game Designer
Anthon Fredriksson Game Programmer & Web Developer
Vincent Måns Löf Environment Artist
Julian Thijssen Gameplay Programmer